Shift Logo Travel Canister

$24 $36

I've searched all over for what I deem to be the perfect travel container to include in the product line. Now available: the Shift Logo Travel Canister: 16.9 ounces of utility to carry your hot or cold beverage of choice. These canisters have vacuum seal technology which keeps your coffee hot and your water cold. Side note - a pint of beer is 16 oz. Coincidence? I think not. The STANDARD H Garage Collection is represented by the stealth color way, so it was a no-brainer for that to be the color choice.

Though it makes a great travel companion I find it equally useful while working at my desk. I pour a bit of coffee in the cup lid while the screw cap keeps the rest of the morning's brew hot! 

Since most bottles don't come with a bottle brush, I sourced one for you and have included it at no charge. Nothing's worse than not being prepared to take care of the great things you buy.

  • Double-walled stainless steel thermal bottle
  • Magnetic cup/lid for camping, having small amounts at a time, or even sharing your beverage
  • Matte powder-coated finish for that true stealth design
  • Fits perfectly in most cars' cupholders
  • Grey bottle brush

Care Instructions: Hand wash using included brush recommended. Do not soak or submerge for extended periods. Do not clean with bleach or cleansers containing chlorine. Not microwave safe. Do not use for cooking or freezing. 


*Please drive responsibly.

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