Cycle Squad Musette

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Small cotton bags known as "Musettes" were designed as lightweight bags for cyclists to be handed their food and drink during feed zones during races. 

Made from soft cotton, the Cycle Squad Musette is lightweight and features the Gear Logo on one side and the Cycle Squad Font logo on the other. The strap is angled to keep the bag flat against your back when riding. A snap closure is at the top to keep items inside secure, and the black color was chosen to stay cleaner longer. 

I have used a musette for carrying small essentials on my bike such as mail when I ride to the post office, and I even use one to carry my book or magazine to the beach or pool. The bags are very packable, so they're great to throw in your suitcase in the event you need a bag while on a trip. 

Dimensions:  14" wide x 11.5" tall.

6.5" Gear Logo / Font Logo in signature grey.

Metal snap closure. 

100% Cotton.


Care Instructions:

Hand Wash.

Do not bleach.

Do not tumble dry.

Do not iron.

Do not dry clean.

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