Shift Knob Desk Ornament

$49 $78

The STANDARD H Shift Knob Desk Ornament serves as a functional piece of art for your office or home. This limited run of 20 pieces is milled from a solid block of billet aluminum (aka 6061 "aircraft grade aluminum") which is similar to that found in an Audi A8 chassis. The knobs are then finished & polished creating a functional sculpture for your desk. The Shift Knob Desk Ornament can certainly act as a paperweight, however, the "usable art" designation is indeed applicable in more ways than one. The underside of the knob is dually-threaded to fit M10 and M12 threads should you choose to actually use* this in your car. 

  • 20-piece Limited Edition
  • Matte Grey with smooth silver polished ring
  • Measures 2.3" tall x 1.9" wide 
  • Weight: 255 grams 
  • Hand-written, Hand-embossed Certificate of Authenticity 
  • Velvet-like Drawstring Pouch

*Disclaimer: the weight of the shift knob is far heavier than many vintage knobs, so please be advised due to physics this may affect your transmission should you use it in a vintage car.

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