Ep. 131 - Jussi Oksanen (Former Pro Snowboarder Turned Commercial Photographer)

Growing up in North Carolina, in order to be as enthused about snowboarding as I was living in Raleigh, one resorted to VHS & DVD’s to get stoked. Some of you may be very familiar with this approach and even perhaps with some of the production companies such as Standard Films and Mack Dawg Productions. Well, those were great, but it was a small crew which made up Robot Food that absolutely had me watching videos over and over and among that crew was Jussi Oksanen.
Jussi was always one of a handful of my favorite riders to watch year after year - his style was fun, his creativity was clear, and I truly believe Robot Food wouldn’t have been the same without him. Long story short, in combination of Instagram DM’s and our mutual friend Matt, we set up a time to record, and I’m thrilled to share it with you today.
Though retired from snowboarding, Jussi is still very much outdoors, though behind the camera as a commercial photographer producing images with the same sort of stoke-inducing outcomes. We chat cars, his snow career, cycling, of course watches, and I’ll have you know Jussi’s a real one. I hope you enjoy it.