Ep. 130 - Marco Gerace (TLG Auto)

Mechanics. So many have the reputation that seamlessly dovetail into similar conversations about used car salesmen. Well, I can assure you today’s guest’s reputation precedes him, as I heard how amazing of a human Marco Gerace was prior to ever meeting him. Over the last several months, we began an Instagram DM dialogue, and have chatted at a few meetups where I took a chance on him coming on the pod. He obliged and here we are: me introducing one of the best-known Porsche mechanics in all of Southern California and for good reason. TLG Auto is incredibly reputable and his clients are everyone you probably follow online. Our conversation is full of heart in my opinion, starting with some horological enthusiasm, followed by some meaningful family discussion, and of course some car talk. Today’s episode is one of those that absolutely flew by for me, so please enjoy my conversation with Marco Gerace.