Ep. 91 - Erik Anders Lang (Random Golf Club)

Golf. It exists in many ways for many reasons for a ton of people. It's social...and it's escapism. It's a game...and it's difficult. It's gratifying...and it's penalizing. And it's different for nearly everyone that takes up the activity. It can be an obsession for many and quite literally an addiction for some. But I don't think anyone gives golf more thought than Erik Anders Lang. As founder of Random Golf Club and the host of Adventures in Golf, Erik is one of the most dynamic personalities in the game. I've been a longtime fan and have admired what he's built as a company and a brand which is why it's such a pleasure to have him on the show. I enjoy his enthusiasm, his curious nature, and his overall vibe! We kick things off with some car talk - Erik happens to own my favorite 911 - a 993. He eloquently explains how his Porsche enthusiasm began, and it wasn't a poster, or a movie. In fact, it might just be the most organic appreciation I've ever heard, which doesn't surprise me. If you follow Erik, you may be like me where you feel like, "This dude's just got it!" As a creator, his content is absolutely Art. In this episode, Erik shares one major thing he wishes he'd done differently as well as gives us a glimpse into his time working with David LaChapelle - one of my favorite creators of all time. Erik explains why growing the game of golf isn't what he's set out to do and why collaboration is important. Hand in hand, I ask Erik about the genesis and the contribution of his executive coaches. I can't thank Erik enough for his time - I'm such a fan of his and his team's work. They're, hands down, making the best golf content available. I really hope we can do a Part 2 since I had so much more to talk about, but for now, I hope you enjoy my conversation with Erik Anders Lang.