Ep. 90 - VJ Geronimo (Oris Watches)

VJ Geronimo is the North American CEO of Oris, a watch brand no doubt near and dear to many of you listening. I connected with VJ originally through previous STANDARD H Podcast guest, Josh Shanks, only to further hear what a wonderful guy VJ is from Oris collaborator, Cole Pennington. Well, the VJ rumors are absolutely true, as you’ll hear in this episode. I thoroughly enjoyed this conversation getting to know VJ, who even turned the tables on me towards the end. I knew I liked Oris watches, but as VJ shares insight into their efforts both ecologically as well as ethically, my affection for the brand only grew. We dive fairly deep into the history of Oris as well as VJ’s role within the company hosting not one, but three CEO’s. When you hear all that VJ’s accomplished in his career, it only makes sense as to why he is where he is. We also spend a few minutes discussing baseball as well as the Oris Bear which is fun. It’s times like these when I truly feel fortunate to be even a peripheral participant within this wonderful community of watch folks, and I’m sure you’ll understand why upon hearing the thoughtful responses from VJ. I’m confident you’ll enjoy this one.