Ep. 93 - Blake Buettner (Managing Editor/Podcast Host at Worn & Wound)

Blake Buettner and I connected originally in conjunction with the Worn & Wound Podcast, which he graciously hosted me on back in the Spring. If you haven’t heard that episode, there’s a link to it in the show notes, as well as in the Press section in the footer of the STANDARD H Website. That conversation comprised of all things STANDARD H, watches and Formula 1, which paved the way to the friendship Blake and I would now have. As a result, we marked our calendars for the weekend of the WindUp Watch Fair in Chicago to sit down and reverse the roles so I could interview him. Blake was an early HODINKEE employee, he worked at StockX, he’s a great writer & editor, an incredibly friendly guy, and he is a man with a ton of F1 passion, so I was excited for this one. Blake is a consummate professional since he hosts the podcast for Worn & Wound. This is effectively an uncut conversation which was delightful. More than likely, a Part 2 will take shape in the future, I’m sure especially as the world of watches continues to grow, things in racing maintain their spicy nature, and not to be overlooked: our next meet-up - the WindUp Watch Fair in New York City October 21st through the 23rd. Be sure to come find us both and say hello as well as check out the latest from STANDARD H live and in person! For now, my conversation with Blake Buettner!