Ep. 94 - Cole Young (Metalwood Studio)

Cole Young has done a lot in a very short time frame. This was even more apparent when I learned he is 5 years younger than I even thought. What he’s building with his golf-inspired apparel brand, Metalwood Studio, has already far-surpassed the point of being “impressive” to me. We planned a golf outing not far from his hometown of Carlsbad, California at none other than Torrey Pines & more specifically the South Course for those of you scoring at home. Like many guests on this show, Cole and I met through Instagram. I heard him on the Erik Anders Lang podcast & immediately reached out. There were so many parallels in our lives I was dying to talk to Cole. Prior to teeing it up, we discussed his introduction to golf, his experience playing in college followed by what brands he was enthralled with as a Marketing major. We certainly share a strong value of community - something Cole took note of growing up surrounded by skate culture. We discuss our shared distaste for gatekeeping and how hype culture somewhat occurs on its own. As it happens, Cole is one of the more connected dudes I’ve ever met. If you were to name someone in the apparel industry doing things of note, Cole probably knows them. If you were to name a professional skateboarder in and around LA who happens to play golf, Cole has probably already played with them. His network blows my mind and I love to see it. I could go on but I don’t feel like making this intro any longer. Brass tax: hanging with Cole is the perfect elixir of humor and knowledge and I can’t wait to get together again soon. I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did.