Wesley many of you, music is a passion of mine. I've gravitated to an eclectic mix for most of my life, so I figured, what better way to share what I listen to than to create STANDARD H playlists? I play the drums, so much of what I enjoy most are bands/groups with good drummers/beat production. 
Click on the playlist photo of your choice to launch its Spotify playlist.
STANDARD H Radio Route 66 Driving Mix Playlist
ROUTE 66 DRIVING MIX: Classic Rock mixed with Classics from my youth. You'll know them, trust me. Hit shuffle because this will be one hell of a cross country trip.
STANDARD H Radio Parked At Home Playlist
PARKED AT HOME: This is a great playlist to listen to while cooking and/or chillin at home. Open a bottle of wine or pour yourself a cup of coffee on a lazy Saturday with a magazine on the sofa. Regardless, hit shuffle and enjoy. 
STANDARD H Radio In Flight Travel Mix Playlist
IN FLIGHT TRAVEL MIX: I feel like these songs were meant to be heard on an airplane. Hit shuffle, kick back & relax; hopefully you're not in an exit row.
STANDARD H Radio Parked In a Lounge Chair Playlist
 PARKED IN A LOUNGE CHAIR: Whether on vacation or lounging at the local pool...I mean, technically you could be just chillin' on your couch...whatever your location, if chill is the vibe, this playlist is your guide. 
STANDARD H Radio Surf Mix Playlist
SURF MIX: Whether you're driving to catch some waves, or you're in a surfy mood at home, hit shuffle and keep cruisin'.
STANDARD H Radio My First Car Was a Hand Me Down Playlist
MY FIRST CAR WAS A HAND ME DOWN: My first car was a 1988 Ford Taurus Station wagon that was once my mom's. These are tracks that remind me of driving that car at 16. Hit shuffle and enjoy the ride.
STANDARD H Radio The Complete Collection Playlist
THE COMPLETE COLLECTION: This is every song in all of our playlists combined. Hit Shuffle, because it's a long road.

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