The STANDARD H Travel pages are our version of city guides presented by our founder, Wesley Smith. These are places he's traveled, enjoyed, and recommends, so they're all vetted and what we refer to as STANDARD H verified. These lists will evolve, so check back often and travel safe!



4539 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago, IL 60625

When I was in Chicago for Windup Watch Fair 2022, I went to Gather with 5 friends and had such a great time. The service was top notch and so was the food. I ordered the Chicken - sounds boring but they're kind of "famous" for it actually and it did not disappoint. It was incredibly tender and really delicious. Gather is the kind of place, however, where you can simply close your eye, point to the menu, and whatever you land on, it's bound to be tasty.


Architecture Boat Tour

This is listed first for a reason: it's unlike anything you'll experience in any other city. If you're into architecture, this should be the first thing you book before any dinner reservation. And if you're not into architecture, trust me, it's great. At the very least, it's a great way to see the city from a perspective you otherwise can't experience.


Cubs Baseball/Wrigley Field

1060 W Addison St, Chicago, IL 60613

I wouldn't normally showcase a team, let alone a stadium, but Wrigley is different. If you are planning to go to Chicago, I've always said October is the best. You can wear a jacket and you may even encounter a 70-degree day. The leaves along Michigan Avenue are changing and it's just beautiful. However, if you like baseball, or even if you just like history, visit Chicago in May and take in a game at Wrigley. Built in 1914, it's only two years newer than the oldest ballpark in the majors (Fenway Park in Boston - 1912) Wrigley was the last to receive lights in in order to play night games, which didn't happen until 1988! The afternoon games are really traditional, especially if you're of a certain age and recall Harry Caray announcing the games. Ideally, go to a Friday afternoon game. Business people from all of the city skip out of work early, many just loosening their ties to drink beer and scarf down a hotdog or two. To me, Chicago is perhaps the best sports city in the nation, though the people of St. Louis will have an issue with this statement.