Ep. 113 - Carter McLean (Drummer)

Carter McLean is a drummer I have followed for years online. When he walked past my booth at WindUp last year in NYC I had to introduce myself. We quickly started talking drums and watches and he even walked me over to the Farer booth to introduce me to Paul, a fellow car enthusiast. I was thrilled when Carter agreed to come on the podcast, and here we talk more about all of the above as well as drumming technique. Carter shares how John Mayer helped him secure a very special watch, and an incredible story of a letter he wrote himself at a young age. Full disclosure, I geeked out a bit on this one and Carter’s answers to my questions only substantiate why he’s become one of my favorite drummers playing today. I mean, we even talk about the humidity levels in his studio. Even if you’re not into drumming, please give him a follow, because his video content is really wonderful, especially if you appreciate anyone who’s insanely good at what they do. It truly is a pleasure to watch.