Ep. 118 - Josh Shapiro (J. N. Shapiro Watches)

Josh Shapiro and I met through an event with the guys from The Collective this past summer. We’d been exchanging emails about getting together for a while, but hadn’t yet met face to face, so it was a treat to meet him out and about as well as among some watches! Josh has a fascinating background in the educational system - he was a Principal, in fact - so he wasn’t exactly born into the Watch industry. However, as you’ll learn, he was kind of primed for it in his own way. Today, his company, J. N. Shapiro, produces some of the most beautiful watch dials on the planet, and Josh has officially set out to restore watch manufacturing here in the United States. He’s a baseball fan, and talk about a big swing…and he’s certainly kept his eye on the ball, and has seemingly made solid contact.