Ep. 125 - Michael Luther (Molequin)

Today’s episode is a bit of a special one for me. Not to sound trite, but my “watch journey” has involved a ton of trial and error. I feel like this is true for all of us. When asked about potential regrets, John Mayer famously said “the first 10 to 12 watches when you think you’re amassing a collection…” Though the numbers aren’t the exact same sentiment, buying and experiencing various straps can be a similar path. Well, allow me to do you all a favor and save you the time and money by simply referring you to the European-based watch accessory brand, Molequin - the pronunciation of said brand to be discussed later with today’s guest, Michael Luther. I have referred countless people to Molequin’s site as I believe it to be the absolute best intersection of quality & price. Michael and I have grown our friendship over the years through Instagram, and we’ve also had several Zoom chats. I recently invited Michael to stay at my house on his recent visit to California which was a blast to say the least. He & I sat in my kitchen to talk about the brand’s early days, the ups and downs of business and some of the costs associated, we even go over the correct pronunciation of the brand name. We wrap up discussing GT3 Touring ownership: my personal grail car. If you pay close attention, there’s even a tiny Easter egg in here as well, so stay tuned for that. This was the first podcast I’ve recorded in person for quite some time and it was so much fun.