Ep. 129 - John Reardon (Collectability)

John Reardon is someone I’ve long wanted to meet, and even though it’s often I meet people in person prior to hosting them on the show, there are certainly episodes with folks I’ve never met. John is such an incredibly friendly and approachable person that this didn’t feel like a first meeting - it’s one of those situations where you’ve followed someone’s content long enough to where you almost feel like you know them. Perhaps some of you know feel the same about John. He and I bounce around in such a fun way, and obviously always land on Patek Philippe, the storied watch brand/family-owned company that has completed molded John’s career. I don’t think you’ll find a more educated person on all things Patek which is why there’s an inherent trust in his business, Collectability. And because he agreed to come on this podcast, you’ll also learn about his first car and his wide-ranging taste in music. Please enjoy my conversation with none other than John Reardon.