Ep. 15 - Josh Herman (Josh Herman Ceramics)

This week is the last for season one of the STANDARD H Podcast, but stay tuned sooner than later for season two to kick off. With that said, we end season one with guest, Josh Herman, a ceramic artist based here in San Diego, California. We met while I was working at Allen Edmonds and conversation just seemed to flow within minutes of meeting Josh. He has somewhat of a dry wit that alludes to a level of self deprivation that I appreciate while at the same time carries a certain nonchalance in his delivery that’s somewhere between humility and confidence which I also enjoy. This one takes several turns. We discuss his immersion in athletics as a child to undergoing and studying several variations of therapy all while ceramics was coming and going for Josh. We talk about the idea of how less teaching may can make you a better creative, the ins and outs of scaling a business when you’re a one man band, and also the inner struggles with whether to go on or not with the business. Self reflection and self awareness are crucial elements to this episode and how finding your tribe is so important and taking yourself too seriously won’t make you Picasso, but your experience stands a better chance of doing just that. I think you'll enjoy it.