Ep. 30 - Scott Newkirk (Tabor Charlotte)

For the final episode of Season 2 of the STANDARD H Podcast, I sat down with Scott Newkirk who grew up in Mississippi only to find out he’d become a proud D Student and a desire for something more. After a bit of time spent freelancing with retail visual work, Scott left for New York City where he quickly immersed himself into the fashion world with the likes of Barney’s & Armani. He quickly created a name for himself as a stylist, and after two decades in the city, Scott decided to take a break. After a stint back home in Mississippi, he was asked to become the Creative Director if Tabor, a menswear boutique in Charlotte, North Carolina. I had found Tabor on Instagram and paid them a visit last Fall when I was home. I must say, their merchandise was fantastic given the conservative nature of North Carolina ...and that’s not to say the assortment is even all that loud, however the labels themselves are simply those you don’t see often, if ever anywhere else in the state. So I guess I should say I was, well, proud on a certain level and was quite pleased to see the progression. Scott is incredibly hospitable as is everyone else in the shop, and I really enjoyed chatting about the ins and outs of not only his career trajectory, but also their store breathing so much life into the menswear evolution in the South.