Ep. 34 - Paul Croughton (Editor in Chief Robb Report)

Today’s guest is Paul Croughton, the Editor in Chief of Robb Report magazine. I believe I first came across Robb Report some 25 years ago as a teenager in Raleigh, NC, dreaming of one day owning the finer things in life: expensive cars, yachts, beautiful real estate, and of course high end tailoring and accessories. I’ve never been one to obsess over these types of things for their superficial qualities, but rather their design, function, and their deliberate executions. As a sucker for details, I’ve long since been fascinated by items appreciated by people for whom money is no object. This is where my conversation with Paul comes in. Be it categorically filed under birds of a feather or some other such label, at the end of the day, Paul and I are really just geeks about product. However, as we initially journey through his upbringing and early experience, we chat rather retrospectively about house music and Blockbuster video, which then takes a turn into the motivations behind the customization of products. We of course end up discussing his role as the captain of a ship that caters to the psyche as it relates to buying the best of the very best. I thoroughly appreciate Paul’s insights on a multitude of levels and I think you will, too.