Ep. 35 - Elliot Aronow

Over the last 8 weeks or so, we’ve all been tested. These weeks have been labeled “strange times”, “uncertain times”, “unprecedented times” the list goes on...and that’s why I felt today would be a good time to release the following conversation I had with guest, Elliot Aronow. We discuss a topic that isn’t al that easy to talk about, and it can often feel like a buzz phrase, however, it certainly makes it no less important, and that’s Mental Health. I feel as though many of us experience pitfalls in life and they can certainly lead to deep depressions for some. Elliot knows all about this. As a self-described preppy punk with a childhood he labels as idyllic, Elliot became somewhat of a ring leader of “cool” in New York City in the early 2000’s. However, this was all ironically followed up by his darkest days which included starting businesses that ultimately failed. His latest business, Our Show (@ourshownyc) is a multi-pronged fork which involves one part brand consultancy, and other parts focusing on the mental health of men through its newsletter, workshops and group meetups now orchestrated through Zoom. I really enjoy Elliot’s ability to balance these heavy topics with his self-deprecating humor, allowing for a much more approachable glimpse into what can obviously be difficult topics to breach for most people. He’s an incredibly creative mind so it was especially interesting to talk about facing fears and how to over come them. [Please keep in mind none of this serves as medical advice, rather a very forthright and honest bit of story telling.]