Ep. 33 - Bradley Price (Autodromo Watches)

Today’s guest is Bradley Price, who has incidentally always been into cars. As the owner/operator of the watch brand Autodromo, he has found what I believe to be the only legitimate automotive-inspired line of time pieces. I say that bc they aren’t so on the nose, while at the same time representing automotive history in a very direct way. I had not met Bradley prior to our conversation, and it ticked all the boxes and then some. He couldn’t have been more gracious with his time and I thoroughly enjoyed hearing his story. We actually discussed a wide range of topics from Michael Jordan to Ivy League educations, and of course some car talk involving BMW 2002’s and the complete back story of his very cool Ferrari 208 Dino GT4. We discuss purpose built design as well as the proliferation of micro brands within the watch industry, a world Bradley describes analogous to trees competing for light. It’s a really open and honest dialogue that I think you watch nuts will enjoy. Bradley offers a very forthright glimpse into how he began Autodromo and a detailed description of how he began collaborating with the likes of his Ford Motor Company.