Ep. 46 - Damon Jones (Engineered by Damon / Mad For Mid)

It’s hard to believe this episode kicks off Season 4, and today’s guest is Damon Jones. Damon worked as an engineer for the likes of Aston Martin & McLaren and then as many of you may know, he served as the Vice President of Operations for Singer Vehicle Design. Needless to say, his resume is impressive but there’s more. He recently worked with Guntherwerks while launching his own company, Engineered by Damon. Though there is a significant amount of car talk, to simply label Damon a “car guy” would be a massive understatement. His interests go far beyond 4 wheels, however. He has a healthy attraction to midcentury architecture, photography, and well, all things beautiful, for that matter. There’s a lot in this one. We talk about the importance of story as it relates to products, as well as a deep dive on his Insta Famous Porsche GT4. We discuss his exclusive LEGO kit called Project Black Brick, one of the many extensions of his business, what he feels was his biggest risk to date, one purpose-driven trip to a tanning bed, and Damon even shares a story of how Lewis Hamilton missed out on getting a McLaren F1 for free. It’s a fun one, for sure.