Ep. 49 - Christian James Hand (The Sessions IG Live)

The word that comes to mind when characterizing today’s guest, Christian James Hand is “passionate.” Christian is half of the duo that wrote the theme track to this podcast but that’s just an unbelievably tiny blip on the radar when considering Christian’s body of work. He’s effectively held every title imaginable within the music industry and as the host of The Sessions, Christian has certainly struck his stride. Now as a member of none other than John Mayer’s management company, The Session’s reach is growing further and further, and I’m here to tell you, if you care at all about music and you haven’t had the good fortune of tuning in, then you’re truly missing out. For the last several years, Christian orchestrated The Sessions as a traveling show amongst four different major cities where it breaks down some of music’s most famous songs in front of a 200-person audience. Clearly, during the times of COVID-19 this came to a screeching halt, so Christian took it to the Instagram airwaves. I thoroughly enjoyed this conversation even as we ventured away from several of the roads I had planned to go down. Christian has spent time living in England, Libya, Botswana, Long Island, NY & Los Angeles. He describes what it’s like navigating the world with Aspergers, as well as shares how he started doing canyon drives in McLarens with Matt Farah. There’s a lot to unpack here, and I think you’ll enjoy it. I can’t stress enough, if you’re not tuning into @thesessioniglive on Instagram every weekday at 11am Pacific, you’re missing out on something very unique, special & musically inspiring.