Ep. 55 - Eric Ku (10PastTen / Loupe This / @fumanku watches)

I was introduced to today’s guest probably like many of you, by way of Hodinkee’s Talking Watches. He captivated me by way of his diverse collection, and perhaps more importantly, the condition of said pieces. Extremely well known for his expertise in Rolex, Eric Ku is a watch dealer, the founder of 10pastten, and in 2016, he co-founded LA Watchworks. Oh yeah, between those two ventures, Eric just so happened to acquire the Vintage Rolex Forum. What’s great is he took it over to satisfy one goal, and that’s to ensure it remains the incredible resource it always has been for those getting into vintage. Needless to say, Eric’s a wealth of knowledge and like many of us into watches, he’s also into iconic cars. More specifically, Eric is restoring an early model of perhaps the iconic sports car. Eric also shares a bit about his latest venture, Loupe This, so definitely stick around for that!