Ep. 74 - James Thomas (Bicycle Ltd. / @bikefitjames)

Like many of you, I’ve ridden my bike more and more during the Pandemic as gyms were closed. Like many of you, my time spent on YouTube has also ramped up during the Pandemic, and it was in the early stages of lockdown, I came across Francis Cade’s channel - think of it somewhat like an automotive enthusiast channel but for cycling - and today’s guest has been featured countless times in Francis’s videos. James Thomas is the co-owner of Bicycle Limited - a boutique bike shop with a long history of being in the neighborhood, but it wasn’t until recently he was asked to join as the captain of the ship leading a charge in the complex process bike fitting. If you’re a cyclist, getting the right fit is essential, and James subscribes to the philosophy of “Fit First, Buy Later” when it comes to new bike purchases, and I’m here for it. Francis has graciously hosted James whose expertise and knowledge can be seen and learned worldwide thanks to the Internet. I was further drawn to James as I kept noticing his watches in the videos. He and I sat down for this conversation over Zoom to get a closer look into the growth of his career, the importance of feeling valued and certainly the evolution of Bicycle. As a former dive instructor, James has a tool watch proclivity and quite a bit of exposure to some extremely nice cars throughout his life, so I definitely recommend you stick around. I guess you could say, "He’s one of us."