STANDARD H x MacKenzie Golf Bag


Founded in 1984, MacKenzie makes some of the most beautiful golf bags money can buy. MacKenzie CEO, Nic Mulflur, joined our founder Wesley on the STANDARD H podcast and a friendship was born. When Nic offered the opportunity to work together, Wesley jumped at the chance given the respect and admiration he's had for MacKenzie hand-crafted products. Together they came up with the following details you see in the photos to the left. It's a Less is More approach to golf while exhibiting a number of beautifully constructed details all handmade for STANDARD H as a Made to Order* product for your timeless enjoyment. Wesley believes walking a course is the most akin to an analog lifestyle, and quite frankly, he's in his 40's now and can use the exercise anyway. This bag literally lightens the load in doing so. Here are the details:

  • Incredibly lightweight, Hand-Crafted carry bag style with 8" opening at the top
  • Black Waxed Canvas ready for whatever weather you play in
  • One large pocket at the bottom - ample space for balls, tees, range finder, and your vest/jacket/long-sleeve layer you may shed while playing.
  • Custom Red & White leather racing stripes on pocket
  • STANDARD H GTI Tartan Plaid from the Targa Florio Jacket lining the pocket
  • White Custom Logo Patch
  • Your Personal Initials embroidered just below the patch
  • White & Black leather split bottom detail 
  • Shift Logo embroidered on the base
  • Red Suede divider at top
  • Black leather carry handle
  • Well-padded shoulder strap for that great walk 
  • 100% Handmade in Oregon specifically for STANDARD H

*Please allow 6-8 weeks for your bag to be made.

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