RS T-Shirt - Chalk

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In the world of Porsche, an RS version of a car is made from lighter, more expensive materials, and are often painted brighter colors. We thought we'd use the same approach with these t-shirts.

Made from 36-singles fabric, these t-shirts are much lighter than others in the STANDARD H range, and the Supima cotton fabric dictates these are made from some of the finest cotton yarns money can buy. As for color, it's fair to say these extend far beyond the norm for STANDARD H; inspired by our founder Wesley's favorite, out-there colors from the makers of those timeless two-doors. It was inevitable these lighter weight t-shirts would be called the RS t-shirts, so RS colors they needed to be, because we really couldn't think of a better grouping for which to execute this level of vibrancy.

Made in Los Angeles, California, these shirts were originally only going to be offered in eye-grabbing Miami Blue and the debatably divisive Ruby Star, but at the last minute, I decided it was perhaps a good idea to also offer the far more subtle light grey known as Chalk. As usual, the branding is minimal, thus represented by the tab on the lower left of the shirt inspired by the lightweight door handles from... you guessed it: an RS Porsche.

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