Ep. 08 - James Lamdin (Analog Shift)

It’s been 4 or 5 years since I met James Lamdin - founder & owner of Analog/Shift - a vintage watch dealer that started online, but is now stocking modern pieces and also works alongside shops such as Watches of Switzerland. Per usual, we first connected over Instagram, and have since met up in New York City when I’ve been in town. James was also a founding member of Red Bar Group - a Watch meetup in the NYC are that has grown to an astounding number of members and followers, all of which contribute to bolstering contributions to non-profits around their local area. James is clearly a Watch guy, but he’s also a car guy...and a car writer. He’s definitely no stranger to a good time, and our opening banter was meant for me to simply get levels for the recording, but instead I chose To leave it in as an added bonus of what can only be considered a glimpse into the personality that is James.