Ep. 09 - Charles Harbison (Harbison Studio)

Charles Harbison has been a friend of mine for what's nearly been 20 years. We worked together at Banana Republic in Raleigh, North Carolina where we became fast friends. He later moved to New York to study fashion, worked as a designer at several well-respected companies such as Jack Spade and Michael Kors. He was plucked to design & launch womenswear for Billy Reid. He later left to create Harbison - his modern line of clothing and accessories known best for its color blocking, and oh yeah, being worn by the likes of one Beyonce. We talk about all of the ins and outs of starting a fashion label and what it’s like being an entrepreneur raising capital, having his lights shut off due to not being able to afford to pay his light bill, while at the same time being chosen to speak at the White House. Perpetually needing money to fuel the business would be an understatement and Charles has been through it all. If you are ever lucky enough to meet Charles, you will fast be electrified by his ear to ear grin that will no doubt be on his face, if not for his absolute enthusiasm for design, creativity and discovery. He and I grab a coffee and/or a meal at some point in my routine visits to Los Angeles, and I always depart utterly inspired. He's truly a special soul I feel so fortunate to call a friend, so I think you'll enjoy this one.