Ep. 105 - William Massena (Massena Lab)

Like many of you, I’m sure, William Massena first came up on my radar from his 2015 episode on HODINKEE’s Talking Watches. Hard to believe that’s already been nearly 8 years ago, and I actually didn’t meet William in person until this past October when he walked by the STANDARD H booth at WindUp in New York City. I politely introduced myself, told him I enjoyed his episode, and then we proceeded to talk about our shared love of the same sunglasses company, Jacques Marie Mage. It’s very much a cult brand, so any time someone wearing them gets called out, it inevitably solicits a smile and a surprised response, not unlike spotting a rare watch, for example. This episode follows a podcast first where William accidentally slept through our initial podcast Zoom recording - i found this to be hilarious and he was clearly jet lagged, so I kept that part of the discussion in the mix. William, please don’t be embarrassed - it was too funny to leave out! Needless to say, William and I have a really fun conversation. I certainly learned a ton about his background and path into watches, and he does a great job offering advice on leaning into the idea of acquiring your grails.