Ep. 104 - Chris Evans (Photographer)

Today’s podcast began roughly four years ago in a roundabout way. I got married in May 2019, and today’s guest, Chris Evans, was booked to be our wedding photographer. At the time, neither my wife or I had met him before, we simply chose him based on his portfolio and a few reviews we’d read online. I had no idea what he looked like, but when the day came, he walked in, dark suit, sunglasses, and a lot of positive energy. His Gucci belt provoked me to share that I once worked for the company only to realize we shared a mutual friend still at the company, and we further connected while discussing surfing, and even photography in general. Chris is a guitar player, a watch enthusiast, he has one of the more interesting first car stories I’ve ever heard, and much like my wedding day, he still comes to us with the positive energy. We talk about collecting, the one-in-one-out philosophies - Chris’s reason brought a smile to my face - and of course: why he’s a wedding photographer. This recording was unique because we actually conducted this chat while sitting on the back bumper of his X5 with the tailgate open by the Malibu Lagoon. I really enjoy listening to Chris discuss the importance of relationships which is inevitably how and why we remain in touch. So without further ado, here’s my conversation with my wedding photographer, and friend, Chris Evans.