Ep. 109 - Neil Ferrier (Discommon)

Today’s guest, Neil Ferrier and I share many mutual friends and acquaintances, and we’ve exchanged several DM’s, yet we’d somehow never met prior to this recording. Early during COVID I reached out to Neil, and though it took 2+ years, I was thrilled we made this happen. We chat about his Industrial Design firm, Discommon, as well as his watch brand, Blok, let alone so much of his insights he has as a founder and entrepreneur. I often thank guests for their candor, and this chat is no exception. As I edited this, I honestly got lost in the conversation as though I was hearing it for the first time and felt lucky, quite frankly, to be hearing and understanding the depths of what Neil has to say. Not to be greedy, but I really hope to have a round two later down the line, even though I’m thoroughly excited to share this conversation.