Ep. 110 - Zach Piña (Photographer)

This episode brings us to #110. I know…where does the time go? I ask myself the same borderline daily. As for today’s guest, Zach Piña, I’ll side step the close circles and just say this: I’m a fan. A big fan. His photography is rad, he loves bikes, watches, and well, apparently we share an appreciation for things like John Mayer-watch-specific Instagram accounts. Zach and I finally met in person at WindUp San Francisco this year and though it was a short chat, I was confident we would get together for an episode to get to know him right along with you all. I’m about to head out on a significant road trip and I’m stoked to meet up with Zach to grab a coffee along the way. For now, my conversation which includes notes on “Crusader Man Jewelry” with Mr. Piña himself. I hope you enjoy it.