Ep. 11 - Matt Hranek (WM Brown Project)

Matt Hranek’s bio is a lengthy one. To unfairly condense it, I could simply say he’s a photographer, author, producer, and recently launched the magazine, WM Brown. He’s somewhat of an epicurean polymath, cigar lover, wine enthusiast and arbiter of the timeless Barbour jacket. The list could certainly go on, but I’d really rather let him tell it. We talk about coffee, travel, and everything from 1960’s Volkswagen beetles to modern day Land Rovers. It was really a thrill to sit down to chat with Matt - someone many may consider to be larger than life. He’s always on the go, and he’s undeniably become one of the most influential lifestyle figures in today’s society, as we further ourselves into a digital age while still appreciating the past. This discussion felt like 15 minutes, so I think you’ll dig it.