Ep. 10 - Max Quintavalle (Italy to the Max)

I’ve known Max Quintavalle for roughly ten years. We met in Malibu while I was working at James Perse. He’s originally from Florence, Italy, and in 2012, he started Italy to the Max - his Italy-specific travel agency catering to high net worth individuals. We talk about What it’s actually like as a foreigner moving to the United States and what it’s like dealing with immigration while trying to start a business. The importance of personal connections and networking runs throughout the episode and how those two things ended up granting him his American Dream. He’s a man of many interests, and at 6‘ 4”, fitness is sure one of them. We discuss everything from what makes a good knife to how he fell in love with Ralph Lauren’s RRL denim. If you're looking to take a vacation to Italy, Max is your guy.