Ep. 17 - Cat Varga (Brooklyn Vintage Company)

Cat Varga is a jeweler/creator and part owner of Brooklyn Vintage Company - a vintage store located in the Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn. Cat and I met through my best friend Chris several years ago and what I took from our conversation is Cat is a hustler. We talk about early days growing up in Queens, raised by two glamorous women, getting fired from her job selling chocolates; the topic of wabi sabi comes up again, and we discuss industry at large with regards to waste as well as the importance of products having a soul, as well as the contribution a “third place” can have in a community. We recorded this on one of their first weeks of being open, so there was a buzz in the air, and though I have opened quite a few new stores in my career, there was something special about being an on-looker to a friend’s new store opening. They have a very open storefront, so there’s a tiny bit of New York City traffic and occasional background conversation going on, but I really feel like it adds an additional element to the episode, so I hope you enjoy it.