Ep. 18 - Jason McLeod (Chef)

Episode 18 brings us to Jason McLeod, the executive chef and part owner of Consortium Holdings - a restaurant group based here in San Diego. For the lack of a better description, I was introduced to Jason through our mutual friend Sarah through a series of comments exchanged on Instagram. At the time, Jason had recently opened Ironside - a seafood restaurant in the Little Italy neighborhood of downtown San Diego. We talk about him growing up in Canada, leaving home on a bus with $200 to his name, the influence of the Wu Tang Clan, and we even touch on what you at home my be doing wrong in the kitchen. And the new podcast he’s hosting! Jason has been on one heck of a ride that had him traveling all over the world working at the some of the finest restaurants, and over the better part of the last decade, he has taken a company from a few bars in downtown to 17 different bars and restaurant concepts in what have been dominating the food & beverage scene in the now greater-San Diego area. This was a fun one for me, especially since his restaurants are some of the ones my wife and I most often frequent. We actually recorded this at Morning Glory - his latest breakfast/brunch restaurant shortly after their last service of the day, so there’s a small bit of ambient noise in the background. I hope you enjoy it.