Ep. 19 - Cameron Weiss (Weiss Watch Company)

This week’s guest is master watchmaker Cameron Weiss - the man behind Weiss Watch Company based just outside of Los Angeles. His upbringing, education, and work experience have taken him all over the United States as well as to Europe, but he settled in California having launched his watch company to bring back a larger focus on American made watch brands. We go into how he got his start in the industry, what his end game is and how he’s gone from sourcing other manufacturers movements to now even providing parts for some of the largest watch groups in Switzerland! Cameron and I actually first met a couple years ago at Luftegkuhlt - the air cooled Porsche-focused car event and have been loosely in touch ever since, so it was great to sit down for our chat. We really go into the behind the scenes of his business as well as a bit of car talk - both old and new. If you’re into watches, and want a unique perspective into what goes on surrounding the industry, I think you’re going to dig this one. And even if you aren’t, you might just learn something anyway. I know I did.