Ep. 27 - Mike Weddington (Wakeboarding World Champion)

Mike Weddington has had one of the more unique life experiences, let alone professional ones. He’s the 1995 World Champion of Wakeboarding, and now as the co-owner of the Medical supply company Eastcoast Biologics, boy does he have some stories. We talk about his affinity for heavy metal, dropping out of high school, becoming World Champ where he was making good money only to follow that up with a brief time on a government assistance program. What you should know about Mike, and I find this among many entrepreneurs, there’s a common rebellious nature, yes, but there’s never a fear of doing the necessary work. I looked up to Mike as a teenager and today I’m super proud to call him a friend. This conversation certainly serves as a reminder that we all have friends and family members that have things going on behind the scenes that we are completely unaware of. And luckily for Mike, his innate will and determination has proven to benefit his thriving business. He is certainly the embodiment of goal-setting and achieving. This is a longer pod, but it goes fast, so hit cruise control on the steering wheel, or settle in with that beverage and enjoy yourself. It’s a ride.