Ep. 28 - Bruce Liles (Liles Clothing Studio)

What I enjoy about fashion and moreover Style, is the ability to illustrate a sense of self expression without opening your mouth. From across the room you’re able to share your personality by way of wearing things a certain way and pairing things together. This sort of expression packaged as Style is embodied by this week’s guest, Bruce Liles. I actually interviewed Bruce for a class of mine in college and to this day, I can still say: I have met very few people in my life that toe the line of confidence yet demure quite like Bruce. As the son of a retail manager, Bruce dove head first into the style pool. He later followed in his footsteps, and for the last 25 years, Bruce has owned and operated one of only a few boutiques in North Carolina that truly offers fine menswear. His kind nature is evident in the way he speaks, and I really enjoyed sitting down with him again after all these years. Visit Liles Clothing Studio for more.