Ep. 37 - James Stacey (Writer/Author HODINKEE / Host Grey Nato Podcast)

For those with drive, the STANDARD H Podcast focuses on the lives and stories of those who have started or contributed in the growth of companies. This episode’s guest easily fulfills the latter category, and has done so in a major way. He’s a watch journalist, an automotive journalist, he cohosts one of my favorite podcasts, The Grey Nato, and he’s certainly no slouch in the photography department. Of course I’m talking about James Stacey. During what can only be described as HODINKEE's meteoric rise, James has contributed to some of my favorite HODINKEE segments, so I was looking forward to hearing a bit more about his background. As a writer, he discusses the importance of developing your own voice. We absolutely talk about his fascination for gold watches. And since he’s hosted a few episodes of Talking Watches, HODINKEE's flagship product, James offers us a backstage pass into what filming an episode entails. We go fairly deep on some car talk as well as photography including what gear he’s been using as well as how he typically captures watches. We wrap things up on a more personal note and James shares his weakness for female singers. James and I caught up several weeks ago making this episode a STANDARD H Podcast first by way of recording over Zoom. We each settled in with some bourbon so perhaps you’d like to do the same. This was a fun conversation, so I hope you enjoy it.