Ep. 36 - Wes Walz (Elite Finish Detailing)

Any car person loves a new car. The smell, the shine...it just makes you feel great. Today’s guest is Wes Walz, owner/operator of Elite Finish Detailing - a full service automotive detailing business supporting their tag line “Making First Impressions Last.” When it comes to cars, what beats that?! Prior to COVID, Wes and I sat down where I thought we’d chat about his upbringing and how he’s grown his business catering to some of the most lust-worthy cars on the road today. We quickly jump into car talk only to come to a screeching halt when he mentions his days of competitive horse jumping and rocking cowboy hats. The foray into detailing really sprung about due to a neighbor admiring the degree to which Wes cleaned his own car. Wes was working in the mortgage business when it crashed a little over a decade ago, so his then weekend side hustle quickly became a way to pay the rent. We discuss the value of relationships as well as a tiny yet very effective marketing tool he utilizes all the time. We of course delve into what services Elite Finish offers, as well as what questions are good to ask your local shop when vetting detailers in your area. Additionally, we chat about what not to do, and even some easy tips for you to take better care of your cars at home. This was a fun and truly informative conversation and I think many of you will appreciate the education. I know I did.