Ep. 40 - Nick Manousos (Horological Society of NY)

Today’s guest is Nick Manousos who was recently named Executive Director of the Horological Society of New York. Offering classes and workshops, as well as an extensive library, HSNY has served as the go-to hub for everything from entry level time keeping knowledge to learning to actual assemble a watch by way of their on-site and traveling workshops. We talk about him growing up in the surf & skate community of Santa Cruz, California, his early days hacking into telephone systems, his contributions to Hodinkee, and of course his time at HSNY and all of the great work they’re doing for us watch lovers and horological history buffs. Whether you’re into watches or not, you should definitely visit HSNY’s museum-like office space, and certainly check out their lecture series. My conversation with Nick serves anyone who can identify with having a penchant for anything technical, so I hope you enjoy it. Due to COVID-19, the following is strangely the second consecutive episode featuring a Disclaimer: Several events mentioned in this interview including HSNY’s Gala as well as all classes were cancelled. Their Executive Director actually retired since our meetup in New York, which is why Nick has filled those shoes. Nick has also informed me that after their usual summer break, HSNY will start its lectures again in September, but they will all be online for the foreseeable future.