Ep. 41 - Adrian Barker (Bark & Jack)

Adrian Barker is a content creator behind the brand Bark & Jack, a YouTube channel where he sips coffee and talks about watches. I took to his content a couple of years ago mainly due to his honesty and his candor, and as a result, I’ve been following his wonderfully curated Instagram page, as well. Since our recording, Adrian’s following has grown to 100,000 subscribers on YouTube, he has an online store which you can visit at BarkandJack.shop and he’s also launched a Facebook group where conversations can further continue. Aside from watches, I was super excited to chat with Adrian mainly due to YouTube being such a unique business to delve into and he offers quite an in-depth explanation as to how everything operates. In this episode we really go down the rabbit hole of several subjects; all of which I knew would be great due to Adrians honesty and his openly candid personality. I ask him what he considers to be overrated, underrated and we talk all things business as it relates to what he’s been working on. We chat about getting over the hurdles of limiting beliefs, fighting against our own expectations, and how all of us actually could get more done in our day. I thoroughly enjoyed this conversation and Adrian is certainly an inspiration when you hear him describe some of his low moments including his dealings with dyslexia. The first 4 minutes of this episode is comprised of what is usually reserved for getting audio levels and just general banter, really, but Adrian and I were chatting about customer service and taking part in what I feel is a topically relevant conversation so I left it in. Needless to say, Adrian and I hit the ground running, and we could’ve gone on all day I think, so I hope you’re able to settle in with your fresh cup of coffee or you’ve cracked a cold beer, because this was a fun one. I hope you enjoy it.