Ep. 43 - Jeremy Kirkland (Blamo! Podcast)

Jeremy Kirkland has somewhat of a storied music and apparel industry past which in my opinion has served as perfect preparation for his current role as the host of Blamo! a podcast about the world of fashion and the people who shape it. It’s honestly one of the few podcasts where I listen to every episode. We talk about his growing up in St. Louis as the son of a musician as well as his early days as a musician himself in New York City. Jeremy started Blamo! with the use of a robust Rolodex and a goal to have fun. He now leads Blamo Media which is comprised of multiple podcasts hosting some of the most well known people, well, globally. Many of you listening to this are probably already familiar with Jeremy, so I was excited to offer us fans a behind the scenes look at Blamo! and several subjects he obviously doesn’t discuss during his own episodes. I think you‘ll all enjoy the story behind the man of one of the world’s largest menswear podcasts, and Jeremy even offers some information about a very special narration project he’s working on, so stay tuned for that.