EP. 42 - Kyle Snarr (Cantonment)

Kyle Snarr is one of the cofounders behind Cantonment, a new accessories line where Kerchiefs serve as their flagship product. We talk about his love of story telling and how his petrol head father shaped his film school application where he ended up alongside the Napoleon Dynamite crew. Years later, after much success in the marketing sphere building award-winning websites for the very car brands that influence STANDARD H, Kyle was plucked and became the head of marketing for Gear Patrol. Kyle and I are nothing if not birds of a feather as we both are product guys through and through. Cars, gadgets, knives, watches. We love it all and obsess over the details. Being a product guy is what led Kyle to launch Cantonment with two friends which started as a side project/hobby 4 years ago only to launch at the beginning of COVID-19. It’s times like these that allow creativity to shine and what I love about Cantonment is their team-driven approach to the business from day one and I think you’ll agree. We close out the show with why the Land Rover Defender is so drooled over and also what might make its way into Kyle’s dream garage.