Ep. 52 - Chris Considine (CXC Simulations)

Chris Considine has had quite the automotive journey. He raced go karts as a kid while working his way up to the open wheel levels of the junior formulas, but that’s not all. He’s worked as a reporter at Le Mans alongside his
automotive journalist father. But it was while working in Phoenix, Arizona as a tire technician where Chris built his first racing simulator. That first DIY project was the basis for which CXC Simulations was born and is now responsible for producing industry-leading simulations for professional driver’s & high net worth individuals world wide. I thoroughly enjoyed this conversation with Chris as he exemplifies what it means to grow a small business by way of managing expectations, knowing where the holes are and hiring accordingly...all while creating an amazing product. These are the simple lessons that are far easier said than done, so it really is wonderful to see. CXC produces an unbelievable piece of kit. The engineering, the mechanics and even the levels of their customer service are incredible. do yourself a favor and visit the website linked in the show notes to see for yourself. Chris and I talk real life cars and he shares why he chose a Golf R as his daily driver, so definitely stick around for that.