Ep. 53 - Yanto Barker (Le Col Cycling Apparel)

Throughout COVID-19 I’ve recorded several podcasts in advance knowing they’d be spread out - and among that group was my recording back in the Fall with today’s guest, Yanto Barker. Yanto started the U.K.-based cycling apparel and accessories brand Le Col and how the brand was created is absolutely fascinating.
Born in Wales, the child of hippies and far from a life of means, Yanto was plucked by a local bike shop that quickly noticed his talent for riding bikes fast. This not only graced him with free product, but led him down the path that eventually found him traveling the world and riding with the likes of Sir Bradley Wiggins, the winner of the 2012 Tour de France.
Yanto’s story is certainly inspirational, but as well as one comprised of self awareness and incredible clarity. Granted, hindsight is 20/20, however it isn’t often someone lets you cross that threshold in their personal story whereas Yanto graciously grants us that access.
For me this conversation was a great experience navigating the waters of appreciation & humility, and Yanto shares what he defines as “real strength.” We then take a dive into marketing including Le Col’s digital strategy and the hows and whys it’s quintessential to their business. I think you’ll find his story to be uplifting and motivational to say the least.