Ep. 57 - Jarnard Sutton (Videographer)

Today’s guest is Jarnard Sutton. I actually met Jarnard as he was walking down the sidewalk in front of my house while I was checking my mail. It was one of the more random introductions I’ve had in recent memory. We chatted for roughly 10 minutes that day and I found out several things: he lives near me, he enjoys IPA’s and he’s a content creator. This was all the information I needed to realize we’d become friends. And it’s certainly been fun getting to know some of my friends even further through this podcast, and this conversation is definitely no exception. Jarnard talks about life in North Carolina as a black kid listening to rock music, and how he was led down the punk rock road by the most unpredictable source. Jarnard is definitely a hustler. He worked multiple jobs at once to make ends meet, and offers a glimpse into what stress can really do to a person. Meanwhile, as Jarnard was trying to break into radio, he created a podcast in the same way many DJ’s would. He created playlists through the platform that effectively served as his own radio station. His resilience is inspiring to say the least. All of this is what led to his start in the audio/video space for restaurants - a segment I love following along through his social media platforms. This episode is a little different by way of Jarnard turning the tables on me a little bit. It’s definitely more of a two-way discussion after learning Jarnard’s story. It was a fun exercise so I hope you enjoy it.