Ep. 58 - Del Gregory (B500 Magazine)

Del Gregory is a UK-based creative who has certainly led a fascinating life of travel which has historically been driven by his work as a photographer. He began his professional career at the ripe age of 20 as a fashion photographer, but he then found a groove shooting architecture - luxury hotels and exotic locations mainly. As retirement was looming, Del decided to create a new type of magazine called B500, an online-only periodical featuring various cars and people from around the world. Impressive is the word that immediately comes to mind given he launched just before COVID-19 took the world by storm. Like many of us, Del is a one man band and his work now includes 7 issues of B500 - again, an incredibly impressive feat given the last year of our existence. We go into how he’s grown his audience while exploring how he defines B500’s success. We chat about his early days getting into the weeds of photography as well as the equipment he uses. Del even gives us a glimpse into his life being chauffeured in helicopters around islands in the Indian Ocean. What a life that must have been! All that and more in what was truly a fun conversation with Del!