Ep. 65 - Matt DelVecchio (Duckfoot Brewing)

This week we’re talking beer! And it’s another example of me having the good fortune of sitting down with an awesome friend and having a conversation about their burgeoning business. Often the feedback from these episodes involves some version of, “I love these podcasts because I feel like I’m right there with you, drinking a beer with you guys.” Well, good news: Matt DelVecchio and I did just that as we discuss the origin story and the ins and outs of his company, Duckfoot Brewery which is based right here in San Diego. Matt starts by schooling us on the different scales that define beer and where Hazy IPA’s fall on those scales, and how a particular wedding gift changed his life. Matt is actually my former neighbor in the Leucadia area of Encinitas, California - I moved; he didn’t - and I’ve had the pleasure of literally tasting his success as his beer business has grown over the last 6 years. We talk about his New York beginnings, his move to San Diego to start the brewery, the creativity behind the brand and Matt makes a solid case for leaving your surfboard at home and taking a hand plane instead. We wrap things up with some insight into Matt’s participation in a Phish cover band and a heart-felt story about a family-owned Jeep Cherokee, which I was super excited to hear.